Brewster History

Brewster was once part of Harwich, actually the original part of Harwich, the North Parish. Then, in 1803 the North Parish was spun off to become incorporated as Brewster and the newer section of Harwich, the South Parish, remained as Harwich. This provided for some interesting politics as many of the movers and shakers of Harwich lived in the North Parish, now Brewster.

Brewster, with its northern boundary on Cape Cod Bay, has always been associated with the sea. At one time, it is said, Brewster had more deep water captains per population than any other town, roaming the globe, from Europe to Australia to the islands of the South Pacific. But the deep water shipping is now history.

Today Brewster, and its visitors, benefit from the legacy of its ship captains. Many of their beautiful homes have become the delightful B&Bs that are prime examples of the current major industry of Brewster - host to visitors.

However, if you call the Brewster Chamber of Commerce and ask for information about hotels and/or motels you will get this answer: "We don't have any hotels or motels in Brewster. The nearest thing to a hotel is the Ocean Edge Resort and everything else is either a B&B, three rooms or less, or an inn."

Brewster is not "any place U.S.A." and this is what Brewster wants. And this is what its many happy and repeat visitors want.

Though Brewster, by design, doesn't have hotels or motels it does have many attractions, not the least of which wandering around it and absorbing its charm.

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