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Listings  -  Brewster Restaurants and Dining
Brewster Coffee Shop
2149 Main Street
Brewster, MA  02631
Phone: 508-896-8224
Brewster Coffee Shop, Brewster Dining    
Brewster Fish House
2208 Main
Brewster, MA  02631
Phone: 508-896-7867
Brewster Fish House , Brewster Dining    
Brewster Inn & Chowder House
1993 Main Street
Brewster, MA  02631
Phone: 508-896-7771
Brewster Inn & Chowder House, Brewster Dining    
Brewster Pizza House
2655 Main Street
Brewster, MA  02631
Phone: 508-896-3341
Brewster Pizza House , Brewster Dining    
Cafe Alfresco
1097 Main Street
Brewster, MA  02631
Phone: 508-896-1741
Cafe Alfresco, Brewster Dining    
2449 Main Street
Brewster, MA  02631
Phone: 508-896-3640
Chillingsworth, Brewster Dining    
3260 Main Street
Brewster, MA  02631
Phone: 508-896-7021
Cobies , Brewster Dining    
JT's Seafood Restaurant
2689 Main Street (Rt. 6A)
Brewster, MA  02631
Phone: 508-896-3355
JT's Seafood Restaurant, Brewster Dining    
Kate's Seafood
Route 6A
Brewster, MA  02631
Phone: 508-896-9517
Kate's Seafood, Brewster Dining    
Laurino's of Cape Cod
3668 Main St
Brewster, MA  02631
Phone: 508-896-6135
Laurino's of Cape Cod, Brewster Dining    

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